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Our Stories Of Success

The Dream Baby
An expectancy over the years,
and a happy ending.

Gynecological Diseases

What is Endometriosis?

You can ask for a consult on Gynecological Diseases


Vaginal Agenesis

Ayşe Arman's Interview;
A woman who doesn't have a Vagina


Prof. Fatih Şendağ

Detailed information about me.

New Technologies

The Luviva offers a 2-year early
diagnose chance for Cervical Cancer
compared to Smear test.

In Vitro Fertilization

Can PRP change the success rate?


Medical Firsts Performed By Me

Medical Firsts performed and medical operations lead by me in Turkey.

First in Turkey

The first single-port hysterectomy with Laparoscopic Surgery (removing a woman's uterus) was performed by Prof. Dr. Fatih Sendag.


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First in Turkey


The first single-port hysterectomy with Robotic Surgery (removing a woman's uterus) in Turkey was performed by Prof. Dr. Fatih Sendag.


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First in Turkey


Prof. Dr. Fatih Sendag started the First Virtual Reality training program on Laparoscopy in Turkey.


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First in Turkey


Prof. Dr. Fatih Sendag is currently conducting the first and the only training program of Gynecologic Endoscopy in Turkey. 


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First in Turkey


Prof. Fatih Sendag, MD started the first training program of Robotic Surgery in Gynecology in Turkey.  


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Latest additions

Before starting the PRP treatment, all necessary tests such as the assessment of the Ovarian Reserve and the ultrasound for the uterus has to be made.

Chocolate Cyst” gathered some attention at traditional “Diva Talks” event hosted by Diva Magazine. Obstetrician, Gynecologist, and IVF Specialist Prof. Fatih Sendag, MD has attended the meeting

We have started to diagnose process of Cervical Cancer using LuViva in our medical facility in Izmir. LuViva is a new medical device, providing a better diagnose from the sub-tissue of the

The Septum is caused by the defective development of the uterus or, in some cases, the vagina, which is placed in the lower genital system, while the baby is in the womb. The origin of the cause

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