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The “Chip Baby” Treatment


Can you give us more information about  The “Chip Baby” Treatment ?

The “Chip Baby” Treatment is one of the most technologically advanced medical treatments nowadays. The method used in this treatment is based on the selection of the sperm. Eventually, the success rate of a pregnancy increases according to the selection of the sperm. There are a lot of methods for choosing the best sperm possible. The Microchip method is different from those methods. Simply, sperm cells are racing thru very thin canals while unhealthy sperms are eliminated along the road and healthy sperms are stored on the finish line. Especially, sperms with DNA damages are eliminated along the race, which gives us a chance to choose a sperm cell among the healthy ones. It is quite similar to the natural process. Sperms race thru the cervix and ovarian canals and at the end, the best sperm reaches the egg. The Microchip method is a technology which aims to recreate this race.

Can Patients Decide to Use this “ Chip Baby” Technology ?

We can use a lot of different techniques for IVF and the “Chip Baby” is one of them. We can monitor the elapsed time and speed of the split of the embryo. We can go back and examine these data which helps us to choose the best embryos. Therefore, the “Chip Baby” method is about the selection of the sperm. When do we decide to use “Chip Baby” method ? If we can achieve a successful IVF using the regular methods, there is no need to choose this treatment. If we have multiple failures, we can decide to use other techniques. Then we can offer this method to our patients, which we are able to select the most healthy sperm possible while monitoring the embryo with the help of a camera.



What is the EmbryoScope method ?

In this method, we are containing the cells in a device called incubator. The incubator has the same temparture of a human body, which is 37 degrees celcius. In the old technologies, we were removing  the eggs from the incubator in order to examine them under the microscope for fertilization or the splitting process. During these examinations, the egg was interacting with the the outside conditions and it was effecting the success rate because of the temperature changes. Thanks to the EmbryoScope method, we can now monitor the process using a camera which is positioned inside the incubator. This allow us to avoid possible heat changes which affects the egg and drops the success rate.


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