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What is LuViva? The latest diagnostics device on Cervical Cancer

We have started to diagnose process of Cervical Cancer using LuViva in our medical facility in Izmir. LuViva is a new medical device, providing a better diagnose from the sub-tissue of the cervix. It is made in the USA, and it holds 18 patents. Prof. Fatih Sendag, MD, uses this device with Multimodal Hyperspectroscopy (MHS) for diagnosing cancer which is formed in the tissue around Cervix. It offers an early diagnosis chance which was unable to achieve using other methods. In early cellular mutations which are formed in the sub-tissue, it offers a 2-year early diagnose chance compared to HPV and Smear tests. The LuViva is the one and the only technological device which provides an early diagnose. 

It offers High accuracy, fast and definitive diagnosis

The LuViva can help to diagnose cancer with high accuracy while searching the primary cellular changes, which can be overlooked with the smear test. It does not need a tissue sample, and the result can be viewed instantly. It offers painless and a 2-year early diagnose chance compared to HPV and Smear tests.


It is effective and it provides an advanced diagnosis which increases the success rate of the treatment

The Multimodal Hyper Spectroscopy (MHS) and unique advanced algorithms, it offers a better scan on cervical tissue, including the endocervical canal. It also helps the healing process by providing an early treatment chance with a non-invasive scan.


It is Unique.

It can provide results in 80 seconds, which is a unique feature of this medical device.


The LuViva can be used on any sexually active women over 16 years old

Cervical Cancer is the second most common cancer type amongst women after breast cancer. Thanks to Smear, HPV and LuViva tests, cancerous cells can be diagnosed early, decreasing the mortality rates. For example, the smear test is a diagnose method which only examines the cells on the surface of the cervical tissue. On the other hand, LuViva can examine and scan the deepest sections of the cervix along with the all sub-tissue layers and endocervical canal. The results can be achieved instantly and shared with the patient.


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