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Septum and The Treatment

Septum ve Tedavisi

The Septum is caused by the defective development of the uterus or, in some cases, the vagina, which is placed in the lower genital system, while the baby is in the womb. The origin of the cause is unknown. The most common anomaly is the malformation of uterus and vagina, which starts developing as two separate pieces which fail a connection between them. These are called “ Fusion Defects”. The most common fusion defect is septum. It is a condition when a dividing wall of tissue splits the uterus into two pieces. The status of the condition depends on how deep the Wall goes thru inside the uterus. Rarely, Uterus Bicornis, Uterus didelphys, and other fusion defects might be seen too.


Why is Septum Important?

Especially Septum might be the cause of a miscarriage or premature birth. Earlier, the septum was seen a cause for late miscarriages but nowadays, it is accepted as a cause for early miscarriages as well. Septum might prevent a possible pregnancy too. Although it is debatable, the septum is held responsible for couples who suffer from infertility with no other known cause.


How to diagnose Septum

It can be diagnosed with a vaginal ultrasound. A Uterus X-Ray might be helpful too but it can’t help with the differential diagnosis between a septum and Uterus bicornis. The diagnose can be confirmed with a Hysteroscopy followed by a Laparoscopy. We are using a vaginal 3D Ultrasound for the diagnoses. If we are not looking for a blockage in fallopian tubes, we do not perform a Uterus X-Ray. And while performing Hysteroscopy, if there is no possible need for a Laparoscopy, we do not perform it as well.


What is the Treatment for Septum?

The standard golden treatment of the septum is cutting the Wall using the Hysteroscopy. The cutting process can be done using medical scissors, electrical energy or a laser. The most accepted procedure is using electrical energy. In the well-trained hands, the success rate of the procedure is very high and the pregnancy can be achieved in 90% of the women who have a history of miscarriage or premature birth. The procedure is performed with a vaginal surgery under short general anesthesia. In the healing process, there is no need for hospitalization and the chance of having complications after the procedure is minimal. The most serious complication during the procedure is puncturing the uterus, but it is very unlikely among experienced surgeons. On the other hand, Uterus Bicornis and Uterus didelphys should not be treated unless it is really necessary.

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