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What to Know About Menopause

Menopoz Hakkında Bilinmesi Gerekenler

Menopause, which is one of the important turning turns in women's lives, often raises the question of what is menopause in women. The real word for this word, which describes the cessation of menstrual bleeding and the end of fertility, means last menstrual bleeding. On average, ovaries in women in their 40s respond less to warnings coming from the brain, which is called the climatrium period.

What to Know About Menopause
An average of one third of a woman's life is spent during menopause, and the age of menopause in women has not changed much since ancient times and is around 45 to 55 worldwide. The menopause condition that occurs before the age of 40 is defined as early menopause. This period is one of the natural stages of life in general.

However, with the onset of menopause in women, some differences affect life in a profound and negative way. This causes many diseases and decreases the quality of life. With developing medicine, menopause has been minimized on women, so women do not watch them become menopause as they used to.

Symptoms during Menopause
Menopause symptoms are undoubtedly great among those most curious about menopause. During this period, the secretion of estrogen hormone in women decreases and therefore the ovulation decreases or stops. This condition, fever, palpitations, sweating, weakness, depression, osteoporosis, tendency to develop arteriosclerosis, reluctance to have sexual intercourse, dryness of the genitals, painful intercourse and urinary tract atrophy that can cause urinary incontinence occurs.

Menopause, which also shows symptoms from a spiritual point of view, causes conditions such as easy irritation, insomnia, mental tension, forgetfulness, introvert and sexual reluctance. However, these conditions may be symptomatic not only as a symptom of menopause, but also as a precursor to other diseases. Such symptoms should not be neglected and strictly should be consulted by a specialist.

How Long Does The Menopause Period Last
There is no complete answer to the question of how long the menopause period lasts in women with a very curious element. This situation varies with each person. Normal is also between 3-5 years. However, depending on this person, some people can pass in 10 years, some people can pass in one year. A menopausal woman has a decrease in bone mass and increases bone degradation. In addition, lower urinary tract infections are frequently seen. On the other hand, cardiovascular diseases are the most important problems. This is related to the decrease of estrogen hormone.

Sexual reluctance during menopause
It is necessary to know that sexual desire is not caused by menopause. Because for a woman, sexuality is a learning form of behavior. Therefore, post-menopausal sexuality in women can become more colorful with the ratio to the old one, which is very natural. However, depression attacks that may occur during the introduction to menopause and the adaptation stage may experience a decrease in sexual desire. In this case, it is possible to get rid of it by getting support with the right methods and by applying treatments without panic.

Problems in the Family in Menopause
In women who are very difficult to overcome alone, during the menopause period, people around the person have great duties. During this period, it is very important that spouses and children are understanding and helping the woman, and a woman can easily take this difficult process thanks to the support and consolation of her relatives.

Consequently, the woman is in great trouble due to menstruation and loss of fertility, which also makes this period very difficult for the physical and mental difficulties she experiences.

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