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Dealing With Infertility

Kısırlık ile Başa Çıkmak

Dealing with Infertility and Support

Dealing with infertility might be hard. How long the treatment will last and what the result will be is an unknown equation. The emotional burden on the couple is very important and creating a plan to manage it might be very helpful.

Managing the Emotional Distress

  • Set Your Limits: Be aware of how many and what kind of procedures you might have both emotionally and financially. Note that infertility treatments are usually expensive treatments.
  • Consider Other Options: Adoption, donation of sperm or eggs or using a surrogate mother might be considered. This might help to reduce the stress and restore your hopes in the event of not getting pregnant.
  • Express Your Feelings: Support groups for counseling services might be effective for your own good.

Handling the Emotional Stress During the Treatment

  • Acupuncture: As an ancient treatment, acupuncture can be helpful in reducing stress and improve positivity. It has no effect on the possibility of pregnancy but it can be helpful and fun during the treatment.
  • Relaxation Techniques: Conceptual behavioral therapy using relaxation exercises and stress management methods has an effect on higher pregnancy rates.
  • Express Yourself: Do not hide your feelings like guilt or anger, share it with people around you.
  • Be with your loved ones: Talking to your spouse, family or friends might be very helpful. Usually, you get the best support from who are closer to you.


Dealing with Emotional Effects after the Result of the Treatment

There is a chance to face psychological problems no matter what the result of the treatment. If the burden of these problems is heavier than expected, you must seek professional help.

  • Failure: The emotional stress can be devastating even for couples who love each other and prepare themselves for the result of a failure. The mutual emotional reactions consist of anger, guilt, shock, lack of self-esteem, sexual problems and marriage problems.
  • Success: Even in a result of a successful treatment, you might experience stress and fear during the pregnancy term. If you are suffered depression or anxiety before, you might experience them after giving birth.
  • Risk of Multiple Pregnancy: The result of a multiple pregnancies might cause new medical problems or emotional stress during or after pregnancy.

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