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Who Can Be Treated with Microinjection Method?

Mikroenjeksiyon Yöntemi Kimlere Uygulanır?

What is Microinjection? In which circumstances can it be applied?

Differently from the conventional IVF treatments, Microinjection is a procedure aims to inject a single selected sperm into the egg using a micromanipulator. The first successful pregnancy using this method is achieved in 1992 and the popularity of the method increased drastically ever since.

All other IVF treatments before the microinjection method were aimed to achieve pregnancy by getting the egg and sperm together in order to have fertilization. Microinjection method has a revolutionary effect on the treatment.

The first step of the microinjection treatment is to remove cumulus cells which are located around the egg. Then, the egg is fixed using a special tool and the sperm is injected using a thin needle. This process can be done 2-4 hours after harvesting the eggs.

In this treatment, the rate of the eggs which aims to be fertilized is 70%. As a result, a patient with 10 harvested eggs might have up to 5 embryos.

In some occasions, there might be sperm which is in very bad conditions morphologically after the evaluations. For these kinds of problems, Intracytoplasmic morphologically selected sperm injection (IMSI) treatment can be applied as a solution.

In a research conducted in 2005, the “Urogenital Anomalies” on pregnancies after the IVF treatment was higher compared to natural pregnancies. After 2010, the difference in the rate is decreased and now it is equal to the rates on natural birth.

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